ASCD 2013 Annual Report


The Promise of Leadership

ASCD 2013 Annual Report

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Messages from our Executive Director/CEO and our President

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The Power of a Promise

Message from Our Executive Director and CEO

A promise is a powerful thing. Not only does it represent a steadfast commitment, but it also speaks to the future and provides assurance to those who hear it.

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A Foundation for the Future

Message from Our president

I am humbled and honored to be the president of an organization with roots that stretch so deep and a history so storied.

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From the verystart

  • ASCD has focused on improving
  • the quality of the learning
  • experience for children.

In seventy years, our commitment to this crucial mission has only strengthened.


We wanted to belong

to an organization that would foster both
informed discussion and effective action for
better schools and a better society.”
William Van Til // ASCD President, 1961-62


Generations of educators have turned to ASCD, and here’s how we continue to build on what works.


the Shape and Delivery of Crucial Professional Development Content

Technology innovations continue to make our world smaller chalk tablet
and open doors to new possibilities. iPad

Although How

we deliver content to you continues to undergo massive transformation,

why remains unchanged.


We do it for the children.

We embrace our role as members of an international community
of educators with a focus on preparing children as future citizens
in an interdependent, ever-changing world.”
Thomas J. Budnik // ASCD President, 1998-99


From the early days of videotapes to our current product line, here’s how ASCD continues to transform offerings.


Thought, Practice, and Policy—in Education and Beyond

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A Global Community

134,737 Educators Strong

ASCD is dedicated to excellence in learning,
teaching, and leading. Our innovative
solutions promote the success of each child.

Learn Teamwork Leadership Teach Lead

As an international organization
committed to developing leadership for
quality in education for all students,

ASCD now has the opportunity to boldly address those issues that will enhance our capacity to play a vital role in the renewal and reinvention of education.”

Stephanie Pace Marshall // ASCD President, 1992-93


A trailblazer since our 1943 inception, ASCD has made the following initiatives a priority in 2013.

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ascd promises to
relentlessly advocate

for a worldwide culture of appreciation and reverence
for education. All educators in all classrooms deserve
credit for the work they do for students.”

Dr. Gene R. carter // ASCD executive director and CEO